France's Economy Will CRASH! - We Troll The French Central Bank

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In this video, I report from the ground at the Bank of France, the country's central bank in Paris. As reports come out that France and Italy are pulling Europe behind, we talk about the remarks made by Macron regarding his push to "improve" the economy over the next few years and the absurdly small tax cuts he has put forward to appease the masses.
All fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero eventually. They always have and they always will. There's simply no saying exactly when. France leaving the EU and the ECB would be "better", sure... It would not solve the problem of legal tender laws, centralization of an economy and complete debt subservience of the masses.
We stand outside of the French Central Bank (Banque de France) and report on their inevitable downfall as central bankers walk by us on the sidewalk and give us funny looks.

See the FULL video report here:

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