🎬 "The Herd" (UNCENSORED) 🏃‍♀️⛓️ - Short Horror Film Presented By ALTER

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A group of kidnapped women are being held captive in a filthy, rundown hospital. They are forced to live in squalid conditions like animals in small cages where they are beaten, prodded and artificially inseminated to keep them in a state of pregnancy for the purpose of harvesting their milk.

After years of suffering at the hands of her evil captors, one brave woman, Paula, conjures up the courage and against all the odds, trys to break away from her slavery and escape..

This short film is thought provoking and unsettling and was made to raise awareness about the suffering that is inflicted on cows in the dairy industry.

⚠️ (((WARNING))) Contains scenes some viewers may find disturbing!!!

IMDb - 6.7/10

Directed by Melanie Light

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Source - ALTER (YT channel)

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Well, this is a disturbing film. The people behind the film obviously have an agenda for making this(and I'm in agreement with it). If I'm not mistaken, PETA also used a similar method to show roasted human(faked, obviously) to deliver a message in one of their rallies.

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