🎬 "Sweet Tooth" 🍨 - Short Horror Film - Presented By ALTER

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Norman, a quiet young boy, is hungry and looking for something to do. When he sees a birthday party taking place in someones backyard he decides to gatecrash and join in the fun.

He puts on a party hat and joins in on a game of whack the pinata. He puts on the blindfold, picks up the metal baseball bat and takes a swing at the pinata.
The bat goes straight through the pinata and accidentally hits Duncan, the spoiled birthday boy, in the jaw.
Norman is surprised to find candy and not blood pouring from the poor boys face. Pleased with what he sees, Norman licks his lips and then goes on the rampage and starts hitting more people with the bat, sending the unsuspecting guests into a state of absolute panic...

This short film is entertaining, violent and funny, with a nice twist at the end.
Highly recommended.

IMDb - 6.8/10

Directed by Michael Muchnij

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Never trust a boy named Norman

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