🎬 "Dual" 👩‍⚕️ 🤡🐻 - Short Horror Film - Presented By ALTER

in film •  2 months ago

Jack is a misunderstood and troubled young boy who spends most of his time drawing pictures of his imaginary friends, a bear called captain Beasley and a clown called Mr Pinky.

Jack has recently arrived at a mental institution after his mother and dog were brutally maimed and killed in suspicious circumstances.

At the hospital Jack is interviewed by Dr Gabriel Grant who tries to learn more about Jack's unusual condition and form a bond with him. Jack tells her that his friends protect him and if he gets upset or mad his friends will get very angry!

The doctor, who is highly sceptical about Jack's friends, starts asking him questions about his mother which upsets Jack resulting in him unleashing the angry wrath of his "imaginary friends" on Dr Gabriel Grant and her colleagues...

Directed by Justin Staggs

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Source - ALTER (YT channel)

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I appreciate you vote but right now I'm not going to do more post I'm going to focus on cures since the post I do put a red flag and I do not win anything, so I see here only they earn what they want nothing more, I will let you know when I do something


OK mate. Have you considered opening up a new account?
Thanks for your support I'm very grateful.


Well I'll try one of them I have 7 accounts Ejejejej 1 of them is @gamezine so I'll do the post with her so the vote as always gives it to that and I will continue voting as usual, that account I have no problems, but give him red flags too


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I liked it. Reminded of the episode from the twilight zone with the little kid who gets everything that he wants. I never really did like clowns.


I'm glad you liked the film.
I haven't seen that episode but I do like there style.
I've never liked clowns either, creepy af if you ask me!

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Thanks for the upvote.

Hello. I am a young man living in Korea and enjoy watching movies as a hobby. We communicate.

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