🎬 "ABE" 🤖 - CGI & VFX Futuristic Sci-Fi Short Film

in film •  2 months ago

A young woman wakes up in makeshift surgery tied to a bed, gagged and surrounded by bloodstained plastic sheeting. At her bedside is a trolley full of surgical blades and tools.

Her captor then enters the room.
"Are you comfortable" and "can i get you anything" he asks!

ABE is a psychopathic robot who was programed to love. He proceeds to tell Jennifer that he recently had a family who loved him and he loved them back. He would do everything he could to help them and make their lives easier. But suddenly and without warning things changed and his family stopped loving him. The lack of affection and rejection took its toll on ABE who completely lacks the ability to cope with rejection. ABE believes that anyone he loves should love him back and if they don't, he resorts to trying to "fix" them...

This is a well written short film where Sci-fi and psychological horror combine which results in a creepy and tense film with great visual effects. But the star of the show is ABE, who is obviously not human but he has many of the characteristics of us humans, like his desire to love and be loved.

Check it out!

IMDb - 6.7/10

Directed by Rob McLellan

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Source - TheCGBros (YT channel)

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The psychobot ai seems like a nice guy or is it???


He comes across as kind and loving but he is somewhat flawed because he can't control his incessant need to "fix" people!

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