Is Master Yi still playable in patch 9.10 with Guinsoo, Hail of blades??? (LOL GAMEPLAY)

in dtube •  last month

Game: League of Legends
Map: Summoner's Rift
Champion: Naster Yi
Type: Assassin/Fighter
Difficulty: Medium

Master Yi is still one of the most broken champs if he gets ahead early game.
In the latest patch, you can watch my rundown of the patch here, yi has been tweaked. His Q and W do not have a cast time, but the extra physical damage has been removed from his E.

Also, guinsoo has been nerfed and hail of blades wasn't viable according to my last review. But let's see if he is better with a combination of everything bad.
The enemy team comp has a lot of CC, so this will be interesting.


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