A classic game of history #18 - Doom - E3M1: Hell Keep

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Welcome to the first episode of the third section of this classic game, for being the first stage is very exposed and vulnerable to minimal damage, we are practically in one of several hells that may have... the map itself is not long enough, what if you have to move and think fast to go through holographic walls and paths over pools of blood or lava, you have to save and measure drastically the ammunition available for each monster... the map is not full of secrets but it's worth it discover them for more weapons and items...


Demon5Chainsaw-Blue Card-
Imp15Shotgun1Yellow Card-
Spectrum-Machine Gun-Red Card-
Sergeant-Rocket Launcher1--
Zombie-Plasma Rifle---
Baron of hell-----
Lost Soul-----

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I really missed the time when I was a game addict