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The University of Lille, for the Directorate of Digitalisation for Education (French Ministry of National Education & Youth) and the Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning (Malta), organise the second edition of the international conference:

Blockchain, Open Education & Digital Citizenship
28-29 May 2019 (with pre-conference workshops on 27th May 2019)
At Lilliad Learning Center, University of Lille (France).

This conference aims to provide participants with an independent, informed overview of the application of blockchain technologies, globally and in particular in education contexts.

The conference will engage with ongoing concerns relating to blockchain technology such as sustainability, energy costs, open standards, and the various merits of public vs private or consortium blockchains.

This conference aims to facilitate a better understanding of how educational innovation may improve lifelong learning pathways that integrate personal interest, peer relationships, and achievement in academic, civic, or career-relevant areas.

With regard to open education, we focus in particular on open, transparent educational resources. Our call for papers aims to discover new initiatives in this area.

In addition, the conference provides an opportunity for researchers in informatics, law and politics (governance) to disseminate their work and initial research findings in their field.

Information and registration on the website of the event:

The organisers apologise in advance in case of cross-posting.


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