😞 Bitcoin And Friends - Tears Of A Clown - Episode 1

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

Bitcoin wakes up in an unfamiliar and strange world following the worldwide financial crisis of 2008. His father, Satoshi, tells him he must leave him for his own safety, and with a tear in his eye leaves young bitcoin alone, not knowing who or what he is and with many unanswered questions.

Whilst trying to fend for himself on the mean streets on New Jersey, a drug dealing, ice cream van owner, Jones, takes pity on bitcoin and decides to help him search for his father.
Jones, unable to help bitcoin by himself, goes to visit his friend Harold, who spends most of his time in his mums basement, getting stoned and playing video games with his friend Mitalik!

Bitcoin, along with his new found friends embark on an adventure in search of the truth, answers to there questions and bitcoins father...

This is a well written and produced animation which is funny, highly entertaining and also insightful. It tells the story of how bitcoin came to be in an awesome way.
The makers of this are asking for donations to fund more episodes. Hopefully this is just the first episode of many.

Continue to do good things

Thanks for your support its much appreciated

Source - Bitcoin and Friends (YT channel)

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I've saw this video on YouTube and it's really well done. Both the animation and voice acting is superb.


I agree, it's definitely a well made production.
Hopefully there are many more episodes to come.

A very good post @conformity. Thank you for this valuable assessment. Following you gains me important information about blockchain. Your assessment is very valuable for new users like me.


Thanks for your kind comments.
This animation does provide information about the origins and purpose of cryptocurrency but more importantly it is comedy gold!

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Hello. Do you have a Telegram or e-mail I could contact you by?



I don't give my email address out on here.
I don't mean to be rude but I have seen what you're selling and I'm not interested.

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@conformity, This is truly creative idea and in my opinion we are in a phase where many are connected with the Bitcoin on Emotional level.

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Many Steemians are connected with bitcoin in some way but in the real world it is still seen as strange virtual money for geeks! And there is very little understanding of what it is and how to buy it. Of course this will change in time..


Before the situation was more worse and now it's so much better. Everything is evolution and everything evolves. Same way in my opinion in future Bitcoin will play prominent role as Medium Of Exchange. Let's see how things will workout. Have a pleasant time ahead.