I spend the day with my niece. I had to pick her up after school......

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the highlights of her day: Someone brought a hamster to class and she won a small rubix cube in a math event. I think that would make a great post on our beloved blogging platform. Anyway..winning a rubix cube...enough reason to get some icecream I would say! Edited Someone said this post made it look like I don't care about the reward structure. In case he's right, know that this is not the case.


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I hope you don't mind if I share a personal example/mini-freewrite. I don't have much to lose anyway.

Steemit is the gateway to Steem for the "masses" right now. Most content creators have thoroughly drowned or quit because of plenty of reasons you're well aware of. This obliterates adoption and investment in Steem (where I'm shocked more people aren't critically worried about).

We all know the rewards system isn't working because of how many people use their SP. People can blame Steemit, but they apply their votes where they do and they choose to delegate, not a company. People with substantial stake tend to behave inwardly with their circles because it's convenient and profitable. This feeds the issue.

Yes, Steemit is not Steem, but it's the gateway and marketing piece for it. Right now, it's pretty banged up (not the platform, but how the community behaves at large). Many of the top stakeholders just about completely ignore any logical benefit from upvoting/applying stake/rewarding downstream to help build accounts to aid with adoption. They want it, they talk about it, but they don't do it.

Let's take someone like me who's made over 1,030 blog posts (not comments), gone to SteemFest, gone to Austin, never powered down, earned all my Steem/rep without bots, blogs daily, posts music videos that take 1-3 hours to make, hasn't self-voted in 3+months, engages religiously, upvotes dozens of authors, hustles more than most, posts on passionate and salient topics, yet still earns about the same rewards in a week as this daily post propelled to an unjustified reward level by auto and self-voting. And... the only reason I'll earn about the amount of rewards as this post is because I got 1 dtube vote. Without it, well, it's just not fair.

I've earned my stripes, but I still can't even come close to a post that gets these baked-in rewards. Seeing your posts about your Steem earning accomplishments is a punch in the gut because most in the last X months has been from posts like these with rewards coming from the same circle and self application. It's your right and you'll win in the long run if Steem goes places, but I'm venting as a spokesperson for thousands of people. As a leader here, I hope it's not something to jump to mute someone for as I've seen before, and that you'll respect this. Most people wouldn't want to make waves, but I think waves need to be made because they create necessary change.

There are thousands of "me" from the past and present. People who truly add value and care, yet aren't valuable enough to larger stakeholders because they don't generate an immediate reward. The reward is downstream because they'll help market Steem, make Steemit and its apps better, build their own businesses/ideas, and reward/mentor new users. I think that's paramount. Based on voting habits and engagement at large, I don't see this as such with many stakeholders.

Maybe I take this all too seriously. I've debated investing over and over, and can be a significant investor in a few clicks, but I'm being very honest that the behavior I see from people, not the blockchain, is what deters me most... and for someone who believes as passionately in Steem as you do (I hope you can respect my passion too)... if I can't even make myself invest after all I've been involved with, isn't that alarming for future adoption of something you care so much about (my main point here)?

This is a freewrite, so it's not going to be a perfect presentation of my thoughts, but you get the gist.

Thank you.


Not to worry, I will never mute anyone for a well thought out comment. I do mute spam, useless or hateful comments.

I hope I can be honest too.

You write that there are thousands of 'you' but you must realize there is only one of me. Let's say there are 5000 like you waiting for support. If I would upvote them once with 100% in a row (10x a day) that would mean you will get a $4 upvote from me every 1,4 years.

If I would do that for 1,4 years, it will also mean my own blog is finished.

I'm sorry but under current circumstances, on Steem it's more efficient to get a job and buy the Steem that you want.

I have heavily invested in Steem to propel my blog but mostly because of the technology. I have a vision where this blockchain will go and I'm going after it. I've been doing this from the start.

This is a post I wrote in Dec 2016, I hope you will read it: https://steemit.com/steem-price/@exyle/a-little-bit-lower-please-on-steemprice (do remember that back then Steemit.com was the only app)

What Steem needs long term is a strong middle class. It's already happening we recently crossed 2000 dolphins. I know people are buying Steem. The current price is helping loads.

My question is to you is. Why are you not buying STEEM? It would make 100% sense to me considering the amount of time you spend here. And why don't you let your SP work for you? See your account as a business, that's how I see mine.

When the next bull run starts there will be tens of thousands of newcomers looking for support and the only thing that you can do now to make a difference for them is to buy Steem so you can support all of them when Steem hit's higher levels.


Thanks for catching my reply right away. I made a few salient additions/edits when you may have been reading my short story there just in case you'd like to take one more skim before potentially replying.

Be in the world but not of it. Taking it easier clears the mind and allows the fermentation of joy. With a clear mind you are better able to react and shirk off stress. Come what may with steemit we shall still create and Express ourselves truly. I am glad you have decided to take it easy. Lol. May joy be found in all you do.

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Steem is just a baby!Like A little tiny sweet chubby silly dreweling baby 💗 it's going to grow and be crazy amazing in due time. Love the smiles in this pic! Nothing like young ones to offer perspective.

I finally got a write-up about buying Steem if you are interested to know my experience.

How big Steemit issues are? Let's see:
1.The site is still in beta after all these years

  1. It looks like a cheap blog page from the 90's
  2. It lacks many features a social site expected to have nowadays
  3. Low-level members can't expose themselves to others,let alone make any money,because the management let certain whales to abuse the reward pool and buy more exposure and votes for themselves

I could go on,but only these reasons alone can turn most of the members down.I was enthusiast,I invested money and a lot of time at the beginning and for what?All that investment lost its value when bitcoin fell.....just a waste of time...

Perfect reason to get ice cream and spend some quality time with your niece! Although any time is a great time for ice cream, lol!!


You bet!



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Lol, the way I see it is that we are still in beta so...

Oh wait a minute...

No beta!?! Panic!!! ;0)



Yah man, trust the universe for the great plan and enjoy the here and now, scatter those doubts, trust the guts, listen to Bob Marley :-)

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Good advice :)

What do you think of appics? I was invited to test it out on android, but the app is not available for my google account.


Appics is fantastic! I have it on my iPhone though.

I am telling man, I learnt taking it easy a while ago cause some decisions keep turning my stomach. Lol.

Be it crypto or life.

We can not control yesterday and we can not control tomorrow. Focus on everything awesome that is happening today.

It's always a good time to get some ice cream, no matter what is happening. Enjoy the evening with your niece!

@exyle, Yes, sometimes it's important to keep seriousness and worries aside and spend some pleasant time with family.

Your niece's smile is telling that she really enjoyed this time.

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now being able to pay for the icecream with steem, thats another reason for more icecream


Maybe one day!

I tend to have the same thoughts... Maybe we feel son passionately about the ecosystem that we overprotect!

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Well done, just chilling

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At any how spending some time with family is always good.

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Your niece is beautiful!

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Great photo, Mark and I think you both deserve ice cream, well done!

Turned out to be a cool fun day